The most important scientific grant in the Czech Republic “Academic premium” was awarded to scientist prof. Ladislav Kvasz from the Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences and to Dr. Pavol Jelinek from the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences. So far, scientists from natural or mathematical and physical sciences obtained all the awards only. Scientist from the humanities was awarded for the first time.

Awarded Prof. Ladislav Kvazs is a world expert in the philosophy of science, especially in changes in scientific paradigm. He formulated his own theory of changes in the language of science, for which he received international recognition. Dr. Pavel Jelinek is an expert in the study of the physical and material properties of nanostructures, particularly in the field of molecular electronics. His works have shown tremendous worldwide citations.

Academic premium is a financial and moral support of the Czech Academy of Sciences to promote scientific excellence. It is financial support up to 5 million Czech crown granted annually during a 6 years, which covers the costs of research, instruments and salaries. The laureate of the award receives a guest status in the Academy Assembly of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

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