One of the priorities of the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava is to encourage young scientists by creating new postdoctoral jobs. Slovak legislation does not recognize the term postdoc yet, even abroad it is such common position.

According to Mr. Robert Redhammer – rector of the university, Slovak University of Technology has created several postdoctoral jobs as the university wants to keep young talented scientists. These positions were created in areas where the university has top experts and quality equipment, which was obtained mainly from projects of university science parks.

President of the Association of Slovak doctoral students Mrs. Veronika Trstianska thinks that postdoctoral positions are opened by few enlightened universities in Slovakia. They use the money that could be spent on research and school equipment. This involves important positions when the students become real scientists.

Efforts of the university to keep young scientists are really obvious. The university has implemented special grants for young scientists to support research. The social program of the university aimed at young people under 35 years is also important (financial assistance for marriage; for the purchase, construction or reconstruction of an apartment or a house; childbirth allowance, allowance for camp, more holiday ...).

All these activities reflect the current efforts of the European Commission to take measures to support young researchers in Europe, who are important for future economic growth in the EU.



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