165 000 visitors

    900 scientists and researchers

    23 000 pupils and students

    2 675 281 people addressed by media campaign


        Stará tržnica - 82 600 visitors

    ŽILINA – Aupark Shopping Center

        37 000 visitors


        22 800 visitors

    KOŠICE - Atrium Optima

        22 500 visitors

    TATRANSKÁ LOMNICA - Astronomical Institute SAS

        170 visitors

    POPRAD- Shopping Center MAX, Astronomical Institute SAS

        650 visitors

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The eighth volume of the FESTIVAL OF SCIENCE Researchers' Night 2014 took place on 26th September 2014 and was held in five Slovak cities - Bratislava, Banská Bystrica, Žilina, Košice and Tatranská Lomnica (Poprad). Slovak scientists and experts presented the results of its work for the biggest scientific show in five cities, again engaging and interactive way.

This unique event was organized by SOVVA (Slovak Organisation for Research and Development Activities), SAV (Slovak Academy of Sciences,) EurActiv.sk and CVTI SR (Slovak National Centre of Scientific and Technical Information).

Main theme of the event was „Science is Adventure“ . Altogether, the festival was attended by 165,000 visitors, while its work in 160 science stands and within 62 lectures presented by more than 900 scientists and researchers of the most important Slovak scientific institutions, universities and research institutes SAS.


The main star of festival in Bratislava was a German company Festo, presented the impressive flying and hovering bionic devices in the form of animals. Since Festo operates in the field of automation technology that finds inspiration in nature, their bionic "animals" I can jump, fly, rotate, or rotate. Public in Old Market Hall was conquered by perfect motion hovering jellyfish AirJelly but also impressive by bird flight - SmartBird, or bionic dragonfly BionicOpter.

Exhibition of the best Slovak science and research revealed the secrets of genetics and disease treasures of Slovak language, fish eyes evolution, the future of nanotechnology and many more.

Side events in Bratislava:


All day marathon of lectures, discussions and meeting with Slovak Astrobiology Michaela Musilova, who shared her experience of a simulated mission to Mars. And many interesting themes of lectures (e.g. social networks, radioactivity in environment, Tibetan Buddhism and so.)

Slovak National Museum

Presentations of Slovak zoologists work in Ecuador. As well as lectures on fungi, or bacteria that can degrade plastics and rid the land of radioactive contamination. Also were announced the cooperation of our scientists in the international project meetings Rosetta comet 67 / P Čurjimov Gerasimenko, as well as news of astronomy and the night sky observation.


Europa Shopping Center

The Event in Banska Bystrica was attended by 22 500 visitors, and introduced an exciting presentations. The 20 scientific stands exposing the secrets of electrical discharge, explored the world of the brown bear, as well as the importance of freshwater ecosystems and their fauna, features and physical properties of water, followed the traces of the discoverers of electricity and ascertained whether intelligence is innate or acquired, or whether it is in Slovak river pan for gold nugget. There were also hot topics such as ecology and nature protection, and virtual reality. Lectures will also pay varied topics such as life in the medieval city, quantum physics, design, but even economic issue, such as saving for retirement.


Atrium Optima 

In 45 scientific stands, seen by more than 22, 000 visitors, the presentation of the most important universities in Košice and Prešov. They learned about detail of the nervous system, and human blood. Special attention visitors enjoyed a hovering robot student car Ikar. Presented are some interesting facts about the MRI, parasites, observation of the solar photosphere and chromosphere using binoculars, or information about space weather and experiments from Košice to get into space.


Aupark shopping park 

The event in Žilina traditionally boasts a record number of visitors, which this year climbed to 37, 000. In nearly 26 scientific stands visitors found so attractive presentations, such as mysteries and curiosities of first aid, interesting facts about allergies and asthma. Viewers attracted the presentation of Slovak inventors of electric vehicles, industrial robotics, flight simulator and resolution of critical situations during the flight, the latest discoveries in nanotechnology research, using lasers, simulation and operation of railways transport networks.

Tatranská Lomnica

Astronomical Institute SAS and Shopping Center MAX in Poprad

In Tatranská Lomnica, and this year the first time in Poprad, visitors could get acquainted with the results of the work of astronomers, without which the life of contemporary society have been inconceivable. The staff of the Astronomical Institute accompanied the visitors on the premises and pavilions where is located observational techniques focusing on research variable stars and extrasolar planets. Multimedia-fiction lectures were aimed at asteroids and comets, the sun - stars and extrasolar planets.




SOVVA is a non-governmental organization of nationwide competence established to promote R&D development in Slovakia by means of improving R&D capacities, bridging the academic and commercial areas while utilizing international experience and contacts



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