Team at SOVVA has started preparations on a 36-month-long project called: "Strategic Career Development For Professionals in RDI".  which is financed by the European Social Fund and European Regional Development Fund through the Slovak Ministry of Education as an intermediary body. 


This project aims to provide education to professionals at the Slovak Acaademy of Sciences and major Slovak universities. The educational programme will consist of two individual and independent courses:
  • Development of a scientific career
  • Media training

The courses dedicated to the development of a scientific career will aim to present a good practice on management of scientific projects to professionals in public and private R&D sector. The project is specifically designed to cover project management, because scientific acitivites are often dominantly conducted in this manner. Furthermore, a private company can profile itself as an innovative enterprise and boost its competitive edge.

The participants will learn how to write successful project proposals, project execution including project documentation and how to work and lead in a team.

Media training is designed to help professional scientists communicate with the public. The aim is to get the scientists ready to become public figures, who can positively influence the public perception of scientific activities. Participants will have the chance to meet with journalists and learn how the Slovak media scene works. They will learn the basic principles of how to communicate with the media, act in front of a camera, in a press conference, and much more.

Both courses will empower the scientific community in Slovakia, giving it both the skills needed to manage successful and impactful scientific projects and to communicate about them with the public in an understandable and professional manner.


SOVVA is a non-governmental organization of nationwide competence established to promote R&D development in Slovakia by means of improving R&D capacities, bridging the academic and commercial areas while utilizing international experience and contacts



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